Reignite Your Flame (Remember Who You Are Series #3)

Hey Ladies

Welcome to part 3 of the ‘Remember Who You Are’ series.

For last week’s homework you were challenged to write down all the dreams and ideas you had when you were a young girl.

If you forgot to do your homework please take a moment and go back to last week’s post.

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Today’s post is entitled, “Reignite Your Flame”.

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So, we already have established how to get out of your ‘stuck place’. We have written down the dreams, ideas and goals that God has placed inside of us and we now remember that we are called to do much more than we are currently doing.

If I were to ask how many times in your life you felt the urge, the pull, the yearning of your soul to do something MORE, I am sure that your response would be, “I have felt this way more than once”.

Yes, countless times you have felt God pulling you to the next level, pulling you closer to the person He designed you to be.

Often times God drops a big idea, a goal, a dream in your spirit and it fills you with excitement. But before it can take a hold you find yourself making excuses as to why the idea or goal is impossible or why you don’t have the time or even the know how to achieve it.


Sometimes you may go for a while, days, months even years, not thinking about this BIG idea. But God brings it back to your memory and you just can’t let it go.

The big dream or the grand idea replays in your head. It is in the pit of your stomach, it lodges right there in your spirit! Day after day you reminisce on the promise of the word of God and then, it is as if your soul is catching on fire!

Sometimes, you may find yourself dreaming about it. It could be a new business, a charity, starting a ministry, writing a book or even moving to another country – whatever it is – the vision is vivid, and it is loud, but what do you do?

The same thing you always do – and I am guilty of this too. We find a way to push it to the side, come up with an excuse, procrastinate or create so much doubt and fear that we can’t think of a way to go forward. No matter how many times we think we are going to put action to our dreams, we freeze. We find a way to throw ourselves into something else. Into something that does not require us to stretch, to grow or to step out of our comfort zone.


We sometimes forget that through God EVERYTHING is possible! We tend to believe that God can do “ALL” things but for some reason, “all things” does not apply to us. We get so busy being “realistic” that we reason God out of the picture. We bury those big dreams, gifts, visions and ideas.

But every year, you get a glimpse of them – maybe it’s the top of the year when we are setting our goals, intentions or doing an awesome vision board. Or maybe they come back to you in a flash of inspiration while reading a book, watching a movie, listening to a podcast or even scrolling through social media.


We see the women with the big ideas, some of which are similar to ours, succeeding and you think to yourself, “I can do this” – you see the possibility of actually living the life you’ve always wanted while doing the things that you love.

You start to wonder if you are actually going to go for it this time. Are you going to let your faith be bigger than your fear? Are you finally going to be obedient and do what you are called to do? The flame inside you starts to grow – is it my time now? Is it finally my turn to start living my life and following my dream/vision instead of just watching everyone else live theirs?

You believe you are called to do something and then fear, and doubt sets in and you talk yourself out of it and you try to forget about all the things you put on your vision board and you act like you’re ok with not fulfilling your purpose.The only person you are fooling is yourself.

It’s an endless loop.

I’m here to remind you to fulfil your purpose – walk in it! You will never feel right until you do. There will always be a level of uneasiness because you are running from the very thing that God has called you to be.

So today, right now, reignite your inner flame!

Fan your fire so that your flames will get higher and your fire more intense.

Stop letting an endless cycle stop you from becoming who you are.

It’s time to let your fire burn!

Burn baby burn.

Believe in yourself and take the first step. It may seem hard and scary, but I know you can do it.

Please remember that God created you and your success was ordained before you were even conceived (Jeremiah 1:5). Your end was decided before your beginning. So, it is time to walk in it.

Do it…even if it scares you – God has not given us the spirit of fear. 2 Timothy 1 vs 7.

Do it…even if the work seems hard – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13.

Do it…even if you don’t have the finances – My God shall supply all thy need Philippians 4:19.

Do it… even if you think you are not qualified – Study to show thyself approved 2 Timothy 1 vs 15 and He gives wisdom to those who ask. James 1 vs 5

Just do it!


God opens doors when we start walking in our calling. Every time we take a step towards our goals one door opens, and then another and another. All we have to do is keep stepping.

Remember, God is not going to reveal the whole picture to you. He may reveal pieces but never the whole thing. So, trust Him and answer the call He has placed on your life.

It’s time to take a leap of faith.



I want you to make a list of all the small steps you can take to start pursuing your dream/vision. For example, if you want to write a book you can set aside one hour twice a week to write or if you want to start a business you can start researching the market.

We will continue this series next week with part 4 of ‘Remember Who You Are’. Thank you for joining me in this series.

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